Raw concrete is generally not extremely desirable on its own. It’s soft and prone to staining and powdering at the surface of the concrete slab. This concrete dusting is a nuisance primarily caused by the slow disintegration of the top layer of raw concrete. Foot traffic, vehicles and even cleaning can exacerbate the problem. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to make raw concrete easier to clean and a better choice for a variety of applications. 

How to Treat Raw Concrete

  • Densifiers. A densifier is a chemical hardener used on non-polished concrete to reduce dusting and help with stain resistance. Densifiers penetrate deep into the concrete to create a chemical reaction that helps fill open pores. It does not change the appearance of raw concrete or create a true seal, but it can improve the surface strength of concrete by up to 40 percent. 
  • Sealers. If dusting is your main problem, a siliconate sealer might be a good choice. These sealers react with concrete to form a barrier to seal and strengthen the surface of the concrete. Like densifiers, they do not change the appearance of the concrete, but they do also help protect it from road salts and stains. 
  • Mechanical Polishing. Mechanical concrete polishing is the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to polish and maintain concrete floors. Using specialized grinders, this process leaves behind attractive, high-gloss, durable, easy-to-maintain floors that last virtually forever. 
  • Coatings. For many commercial/industrial applications, a concrete coating system might be the ideal choice. Coatings provide maximum protection from spills and impacts. However, they are more expensive than polished concrete and require careful surface preparation to ensure the maximum lifespan.

For more information on how to make raw concrete more durable, attractive and/or easier to clean, contact us today!