Our impressive showroom has numerous examples of different mechanically polished concrete floors and concrete coatings. This makes it easier for our customers to visualize the final product. The following videos are just a quick overview of a few of the actual concrete flooring systems found in our showroom.

Six Videos of Concrete Flooring Options

1. Mechanically Polished Concrete

This video clip shows mechanically polished concrete. Dyes were applied to create the art work.

2. Stamped Concrete

A colored, cementitious overlay was applied. Then, it was stamped with a hardwood floor pattern. The other portion was stamped to provide a fieldstone appearance. It was then engraved to create a tile pattern. Finally, antiquing colors were added to both patterns.

Overlays are used to restore damaged concrete floors in offices and light traffic areas.

3. Variations of Aggregate and Flake Coating Systems

These examples are variations of aggregate and flake coating systems. They are typically a three-step process: primer coat, polyaspartic coat with aggregate or flakes, and a polyaspartic top coat.

They are typically used for extremely heavy traffic and industrial applications.

4. Decorative Epoxy Coating Systems

These are examples of decorative epoxy coating systems. Dispersing metallic powders are mixed into the epoxy, which creates the marbling appearance. Multiple metallic colors can be used to create more dramatic results. It is a three-step process: primer coat, metallic coat and a clear hybrid polyurethane top coat.

These coatings are used on light traffic areas, such as offices.

5. Hybrid Polyurethane, with Light Flake Coating System

This is an example of a hybrid polyurethane, with light flake coating system. It is our most popular coating and involves a two-step process. A base coat is applied, with a light broadcast of flakes. A clear top coat is then applied over the base coat and flakes.

This is used in medium- to heavy-traffic areas, such as garages, truck bays, wash bays, showrooms, lower level areas, etc.

6. Dyes for Mechanically Polished Floors

This is a color chart showing the dyes available for mechanically polished concrete floors.

To see even more concrete flooring examples, stop by our showroom. Contact us today, and we will help you successfully determine the right solution for your particular needs.