Mechanically Polishing or Coating Distressed Vs. New Concrete Floors

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The high-gloss finish and ease of maintenance have made mechanically polished concrete and coated concrete floors the new VIPs of the flooring world. However, while these floors are beautiful regardless of the situation, the state of the underlying concrete does create different aesthetics. Some existing concrete floors can be heavily flawed, which creates on-trend distressed

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Showroom

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Our impressive showroom has numerous examples of different mechanically polished concrete floors and concrete coatings. This makes it easier for our customers to visualize the final product. The following videos are just a quick overview of a few of the actual concrete flooring systems found in our showroom. Six Videos of Concrete Flooring Options 1.

5 Effective Solutions for Different Concrete Problems

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There are always certain challenges to overcome when it comes to deciding which concrete coating or polishing option is right for different workspaces. While many cases are relatively straightforward, there are certain instances that require creative solutions that stand up to unique business or personal needs. The following are five examples of different concrete coating

What Concrete Coating Is Right for Your Workspace?

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Concrete coatings ultimately increase the longevity of concrete flooring by protecting them from abrasions and overall deterioration, while simultaneously adding aesthetic value to any work environment. However, with a multitude of coating options available, it's important to pick which system is most appropriate for your specific workplace. The following information should give you a general

Why is August the best month of the year to get a quote?

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We are fortunate to be blessed as a company and are growing quickly, but August tends to be a month of distractions - The Iowa State Fair, Back to school or a last minute vacation. Then we tend to get inundated with calls about end-of-year projects in October and November. We see this situation as an opportunity

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