Working from Home? Update Your Commercial or Residential Floors!

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As we all continue to adjust to this new “normal” and some businesses start to reopen, we know many of you are still working from home. We also know many are taking this opportunity to finish long-neglected projects around the house or office.  With that in mind, we are still working, and this is the

COVID-19 Update: We’re Still Working!

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If you were hoping to upgrade your garage or basement with polished concrete or coated concrete floors this spring or summer, please know that we are still working. We are taking every precaution possible and following all official guidelines to ensure our safety and yours. Here are a few things we are doing. COVID-19 Precautions

What Really Is Stain and Seal?

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We often receive requests for “staining and sealing” concrete floors. While a variation of this request can be an inexpensive way to make concrete floors look a bit better, there are numerous other factors to consider before choosing this finish for your next project. Pros and Cons of Staining and Sealing Concrete Floors Staining and

Flooring Options For Your Next Office Remodel

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Are you considering an office remodel? If so, you have many flooring options to consider. Some great options are polished concrete or concrete coatings. Here are several reasons why these reliable concrete flooring options are perfect for your next office remodel. Why Polished Concrete or Concrete Coatings? Durability. Remodeling your office and changing your current

Making Concrete Floors Attractive AND Functional

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At Performance Concrete Polishing, our motto is, “Making concrete surfaces attractive.” However, we also want those surfaces to be user-friendly. Think of your warehouse or manufacturing floor. Do your forklift operators complain about how rough the floors are in the areas where they operate their equipment? User-Friendly Warehouse Floors This problem is usually caused by

All About Full-Flake Concrete Coating Systems

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Full-flake concrete coating systems are becoming increasingly popular for both industrial floors and decorative floors. Like the name implies, a full-flake system — also known as a full-aggregate system — completely covers a concrete floor with polyurethane flakes. This concrete coating option is both durable and attractive. How a Full-Flake Concrete Coating System Is Applied

Incorporating Logos in Polished Concrete and Coated Concrete Floors

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As emphatically stated in previous blog posts, polished concrete floors are attractive, easy to clean and extremely durable. However, for those looking to take their concrete floors one step further, logos and other graphics can be reproduced on mechanically polished concrete floors and on concrete coatings. This is a great way to display company logos

Concrete Coatings in Colder Weather

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The majority of concrete coatings are dependent on temperature, so, as colder weather settles in, it becomes more important to look at particular conditions of your space. If your space is heated and can maintain a certain temperature, the outside temperature has little to no effect on successful application. However, if your space is unheated,

Mechanically Polishing or Coating Distressed Vs. New Concrete Floors

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The high-gloss finish and ease of maintenance have made mechanically polished concrete and coated concrete floors the new VIPs of the flooring world. However, while these floors are beautiful regardless of the situation, the state of the underlying concrete does create different aesthetics. Some existing concrete floors can be heavily flawed, which creates on-trend distressed

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Showroom

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Our impressive showroom has numerous examples of different mechanically polished concrete floors and concrete coatings. This makes it easier for our customers to visualize the final product. The following videos are just a quick overview of a few of the actual concrete flooring systems found in our showroom. Six Videos of Concrete Flooring Options 1.