Full-flake concrete coating systems are becoming increasingly popular for both industrial floors and decorative floors. Like the name implies, a full-flake system — also known as a full-aggregate system — completely covers a concrete floor with polyurethane flakes. This concrete coating option is both durable and attractive.

How a Full-Flake Concrete Coating System Is Applied

A heavy polyaspartic base coat is applied to the concrete floor. Since the base coat will eventually be completely covered by polyurethane flakes, the color of this initial coat doesn’t matter. Polyurethane flakes are then broadcast to refusal. After drying for a night, the loose flakes are scraped off, and a polyaspartic top coat is applied. The end result is a highly durable, attractive floor.

Uses for Full-Flake Concrete Coating Systems

Full-flake coating systems are used for both their durability and attractiveness. They can be divided into two classes — utilitarian full-flake floors and decorative full-flake floors. Utilitarian full-flake concrete floors are generally found in industrial spaces with heavy traffic. They usually have more texture than their decorative counterparts, which adds increased anti-slip properties to the floor.

Decorative full-flake floors are essentially the same system, but they are made to be more attractive. They are often used in offices and other environments needing a durable, attractive and easy-to-clean flooring option. The polyurethane flakes come in a myriad of colors, which can be combined to form custom color combinations. Decorative full-flake floors are generally smoother, but the amount of texture can ultimately be chosen by the customer.

About the Polyurethane Flakes

The polyurethane flakes used in full-flake concrete coating systems come in a variety of colors and sizes. The sizes range from 1/16th of an inch to 1/4th of an inch, with 1/8th-inch flakes being the most commonly used. In general, the smaller the flake, the more durable and texturized the floor.

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