Why is August the best month of the year to get a quote?

We are fortunate to be blessed as a company and are growing quickly, but August tends to be a month of distractions – The Iowa State Fair, Back to school or a last minute vacation. Then we tend to get inundated with calls about end-of-year projects in October and November.

We see this situation as an opportunity to tell you a secret. If you know you need to get a project completed before the end of the year, now is the time to get a quote. Let me explain why.



As supply is still greater than demand in August we can get you a quote with a lower price than if you ask us for a quote in October to complete that same project before the end of the year.



When you get your quote approved earlier in the year to be completed before the end of the year and scheduled, we can ensure to get the job done in time before the new year. Many times, we meet with building engineers or managers who have budgets that need to be spent before the end of the year in November or December and it’s just not ideal to coordinate a concrete polishing or coating job in such a short amount of time.



An added benefit to getting a quote early is the fact that we will be able to come work on your concrete or terrazzo floors while the temperatures are still mild. This will help our company by delivering the best application possible for your floor with consistent mild temperatures that won’t affect the concrete expansions or contractions.


So give us a call or shoot us an email about the project you are considering to do before the year is over. Our quotes are always free, and we appreciate you planning ahead for the upcoming fall season.


Thanks for reading.


McKinley Schilling
Performance Concrete Polishing

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