The Benefits of Using Polyaspartics

Here is a project we recently completed at Hamilton’s Funeral Home in Ankeny. It is a three coat polyaspartic system with black, white and green quarter-inch flakes.


Why Polyaspartics?


Polyaspartics are extremely durable and can be applied thicker than standard concrete coatings. They can also cover any blemishes or flaws in a floor completely because it is built up about an 1/8 of an inch or more from the concrete.


Best areas to use Polyaspartics:  An area that takes a lot of abuse.


How is Polyaspartics Applied?


Typically, polyaspartics are applied in 3 coats.  The first is a prime coat which is usually colored to reflect what color of chips you want to lay down. Then the second coat is applied as a “base coat” and then the chips are broadcast on to that coat until “refusal” which just means until they can’t be absorbed anymore. Then once cured, there tends to be some leftover chips that need to be scraped away and vacuumed off and cleaned up. Then a third final coat is applied to cover the chips.



Why do we use polyaspartics?


There are few reasons we like using polyaspartics. We can get the whole system down in one day because each coat cures in an hour.  Most coatings start curing at the surface, but polyaspartics “cross link” or cure throughout the system giving it a very consistent and fast curing process. Polyaspartics are also more durable than epoxy coatings. From our experience, we have seen polyaspartics lasting much longer than epoxy systems. They also won’t color over time like epoxies tend to do.


If you have any questions about what type of coating you may need for your situation, there are no jobs too big for us to help with. We offer free consultations and quotes, so give us a call anytime to schedule a meeting.


Thanks for reading.


McKinley Schilling
Performance Concrete Polishing

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