As we talked about in last month’s blog post, mechanically polished concrete floors are trending in a big way. While this sustainable and durable flooring option is suitable for a wide variety of spaces, owners of warehouses are increasingly taking advantage of the many benefits of polished concrete floors.

These roughly 5,000 to 20,000-square-foot spaces are prime candidates for this durable and attractive flooring option. Whether you are taking over an existing warehouse or constructing a brand new building, these are some of the top benefits of polished concrete floors in warehouses.

Top Reasons to Use Polished Concrete Floors in Your Warehouse

  • Durability. Mechanically polished concrete floors are highly durable. They are able to withstand forklift traffic, spills and other wear and tear normal for commercial warehouses.
  • Easy to Maintain. Polished concrete is easy to maintain. Dry mopping and occasional wet mopping will largely maintain the integrity of your floors.
  • Price. Mechanically polishing concrete is an extremely cost-effective flooring option. These floors are not only cost-effective for large areas during the initial polishing phase, they are also incredibly cost effective in the long term. They are low maintenance and last virtually forever. Concrete-coating systems able to withstand heavy traffic are a much more expensive option.
  • Appearance. Polished concrete is attractive. Many companies desire a warehouse suitable for client visits. These floors offer a popular “industrial look”, as well as a high-gloss finish. If desired, polished concrete floors can also be dyed.

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