Polished concrete floors are highly durable, sustainable, easy to clean and attractive. However, exposure to certain liquids can still stain and/or etch them. Concrete is porous, and polished concrete is reactive with all types of acid. Because of this, accidental spills can damage the appearance of mechanically polished concrete floors. That is, until now.

Protect Your Polished Concrete Floors from Spills

There is a new, high-tech material available that acts as a penetrating guard against the infiltration of liquids. This invisible shield protects treated concrete surfaces from damage caused by the absorption of liquids, deicing salts, freeze/thaw cycles and more. This material ultimately makes polished concrete floors impervious to anything penetrating or staining them. Plus, it does not affect the overall appearance of the floors, and it allows the concrete to breathe.

This applied guard works by penetrating the concrete to create a hydrophobic barrier that prevents water and moisture absorption. In fact, any spilled liquid will simply bead up on the treated concrete. It will then sit on top of that polished concrete, until it is simply wiped clean. On top of the protection benefits, this high-tech material virtually lasts forever and does not have to be reapplied. It is also safe to use.

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