As we have mentioned before and can’t stress enough, one of the main advantages of polished concrete floors is the minimal maintenance required. On top of this, these high-gloss floors are extremely durable, environmentally friendly and able to stand the test of time. Concrete is already a sturdy material, and when polished by specialized grinders, it can essentially last forever.

While the easy regular and long-term maintenance of polished concrete floors undoubtedly draws businesses to this attractive flooring option, some care does have to be taken to avoid the gradual dulling of the floor or the wearing down of the concrete. Of course, all floors require regular maintenance, so this should come as no surprise. It’s especially important to pay special attention to high-traffic areas and places that attract dirt and dust particles.

Regular Maintenance of Polished Concrete Floors

If possible, dry mop your polished concrete floors daily—especially on and around those high-traffic areas. Use a microfiber (or very soft) pad to avoid unintentionally scratching the surface of the floor. This dry mopping will pick up any dust that has accumulated on the floor throughout the day, which can wear down that beautiful sheen over time. Placing mats or rugs at entry points and over other “dirtier” areas can help with this, as well.

Wet mopping should also ideally occur on a regular basis. In many cases, warm water and a clean mop are all that is needed for this simple task. In other instances, a cleaning solution should be used. Make sure this cleaning solution has a neutral pH, as anything overly acidic or alkaline can actually dull the shine. As with all floors, make sure any spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible.

If dullness does occur due to heavy foot traffic, a simple and inexpensive application of a sealer and burnishings can be applied. If the previously mentioned maintenance steps are taken, this is not commonly needed. However, this quick process will restore the original shine to your polished concrete floors.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions about this extremely easy-to-maintain concrete flooring option.