If You’re Still Waxing or Coating Your Concrete or Terrazzo Floors, You’re Doing It Wrong.

Stop wasting time waxing or coating your floors, have them mechanically polished ONE TIME and never worry about them again. If one application for the rest of your concrete or terrazzo floor’s life isn’t enough to entice you, here are 4 more reasons to get your concrete floors mechanically polished.


Reason 1: Cost Effective

You only have to mechanically polish your concrete or terrazzo floor once to reap the savings benefits for the remainder of your floor’s life. Waxing and chemical coatings have to be applied often and the price you pay isn’t just for the application and the labor to apply them. There’s the added cost of lost productivity as well. If you have to recoat your office floor every 5 to 10 years that means moving furniture, displacing workers, and keeping everyone out of the area until the floors are ready to be walked on again. With mechanically polished floors, there is nothing sitting on the surface of your floor that needs to dry or setup; you can walk on it immediately, move your furniture back in and never do it again.


Reason 2: Longevity

Once your concrete or terrazzo floor has been polished, the lifespan increases significantly. Essentially, it lasts forever. This is because your floor is now more durable due to the reduced size of the pores in the concrete from the multi-step polishing process. Because no wax or chemicals have been applied to the floor, the floor is able to breathe and maintain its strength and beauty. If you don’t have concrete floors now and are getting ready to replace them for the second or third time in 15 years, consider mechanically polished concrete or terrazzo floors this time around and never worry about replacing them again.


Reason 3: Easy Maintenance

Maintaining mechanically polished concrete or terrazzo floors is a breeze. Eliminating the manual polishing, waxing and chemical treatments means all you need to do to keep your floors looking brand new is to use a dust mop. This will keep the floor clean and remove the dirt and dust that collects on it. Along with dust mopping, you may choose to do some light scrubbing with with a cleaner made for mechanically polished floors to clean up any spills or tracked in mud.


Reason 4: Better for Your Employees and the Environment

Going green has become almost a requirement in the workplace, at schools, at collegiate and government institutions, and in manufacturing facilities. One way to go green, that isn’t often considered, is with your floors. Concrete and terrazzo floors are already made of natural materials, however if they aren’t polished, they are releasing harmful gases into your building. Concrete needs to breathe and when it can’t breathe due to a coating, it begins fighting the application until it eventually wears down enough that it needs to be replaced. This process causes gases to release into the air and potentially causing harm to your employees, students, or visitors. Mechanical polishing is chemical free, which means that the floor will not release gases into the air for the remainder of their installation.


If you’re ready to ditch the wax or chemicals, contact us today to learn how much you can save when you switch to mechanically polished floors.

Please note: Mechanically polished concrete floors are not recommended if the floor will be exposed to acids, oils, or corrosive materials on a regular basis.